This is the Most Affordable and Most Lucrative "One-Time Pay" Opportunity available today!  And it's specifically designed for "Everyday Working Class" People!

With EZprofit100 you can earn Fast Upfront Profits...
plus Long-Term Wealth... with One Simple Effort!

Enroll in EZprofit100 with an Extremely Low ONE-TIME-ONLY payment... and then leverage this opportunity into $100 Payouts Over and Over again!  This is no "Nickel and Dime" opportunity.  With EZprofit100 you earn Extremely Lucrative $100 Payouts!

     NO Cold Calls!

     NO Personal Selling!

     NO Rejection!

     NO Meetings!

     NO Chasing Friends and Family!

Simply refer Prospects to your very own website... just like this one
And... we'll do the rest!


And to help build your business...
we offer a Proven, Direct Mail System
that's Super Simple & Extremely Effective!



Commissions are PAID WEEKLY!


Here's How it Works:

EZprofit100 utilizes a Unique Reverse 2-Up Compensation Plan.  The 2nd and 4th person you sponsor are "passed up" to your sponsor.  But Don't Worry!  The 2nd and 4th member of the people you sponsor are "passed up" to YOU!  This truly is a "people helping people" compensation plan.  No Levels!  Just One Amazing "Horizontal Pay-Line" growing by the "Power of 2" for UNLIMITED Growth & Income Potential!

     1st Person you sponsor goes to YOU!  You get a $100 Payout!

     2nd Person you sponsor is "Passed Up" to your sponsor.

     3rd Person you sponsor goes to YOU!  You get another $100 Payout!

     4th Person you sponsor is "Passed Up" to your sponsor.

     5th Person you sponsor and everyone after that... goes to YOU!  And you get another $100 Payout for each one of them!

You only "pass up" your 2nd and 4th member to your sponsor.  Everyone Else you personally sponsor goes directly to YOU... and You Earn Whopping $100 Payouts on Each One of Them!



But that's just the beginning of this Wealth Creation Tidal Wave!

     Each member that you personally sponsor (1st, 3rd, 5th and everyone after that) is added to your "Horizontal Pay-Line".  As already stated, YOU earn a $100 Payout from each of these members... PLUS they each "Pass-Up" to YOU their 2nd and 4th member!

     You earn another $100 Payout from the 2nd and 4th member who were "Passed Up" to YOU!

     But the Profit Potential doesn't stop there... because each of those members "Pass Up" their 2nd and 4th member to YOU... and you earn two more $100 Payouts!

     And each of those members "Pass-Up" their 2nd and 4th member to YOU... and this continues through INFINITY!  Which allows YOU to earn Un-Ending $100 Payouts!



Click on the "Descriptions" tab at the top of this page
for Complete Compensation Plan Details!




How Much Money Can You Make with EZprofit100?
Click here to view the Possibilities!

Once you grasp the Power of our Reverse 2-Up Compensation Plan... you'll lose sleep, just thinking about the Financial Gold Mine that awaits you!  And unlike similar opportunities... you don't have to wait until your 2rd personally sponsored member to start making money!  You Earn $100 Commission from Your Very First Paid Member!!!

This helps put money in your pocket SUPER FAST!  Plus it helps your members get money in their pockets fast... which encourages them to continually promote EZprofit100 and "Pass Up" to YOU their 2nd & 4th members!

For complete details on how YOU Make Money with our Compensation Plan... click on the "Details" button at the top of this page.


I've known Art Rayburn for almost 14 years!  Bottom-line: the EZprofit100 Opportunity he created Makes Money!  I have tremendous respect for Art, and trust his ideas & leadership!  Listen to this man if you'd like to make more money!

Bob Schwartz, Jr.
Owner, Home Business Advertiser

Click here to read what others are saying about EZprofit100



Here's what you get when you join EZprofit100 for an Extremely Low One-Time Only payment:

     120 Mailing Leads on Peel-n-Stick Labels.  These mailing leads can be used with any Home Business Program... and great to use promoting EZprofit100!  $45.00 Value.

     A 12-Song CD of Original Christian Music recorded by Art Rayburn.  $20 Value.  Art was a Music and Youth Minister for 18 years in various churches through-out Texas and New Mexico.  As a recording artist, he's written hundred of original songs & had several receive radio air time.

     Your very own EZprofit100 Money Making Website, just like this one!  A professional website like this can cost up to $29 a Month with other home business opportunities!  But with EZprofit100, you get this $348 Value as part of your "one-time-payment" Product Package.

     A Complete Online Library of Business Building Articles written by professionals who have built downline teams of 10,000 members or more and earned Millions from home.  Read these articles and learn the "Inside Secrets" to building a Profitable Home Business.  $199 Value.

    Plus... receive a complete "New Member Kit" sent by Direct Mail.  This kit includes easy to implement Step-by-Step Instructions on how to build a Solid and Profitable Home Business in about 2 - 3 hours per week.  A $99 Value (Paid members can also download this kit from the back-office)

If you were to purchase these Products and Services individually... it could cost you up to $700.00  But with EZprofit100 and get all these Value Driven Benefits for the Low "One-Time-Only" payment of $149.00!!!  Now that's Real Value!


Unlike other opportunities, we don't sell some cheap Internet based software that 99% of the people don't use.  What good is hundreds of cheap Internet Based software programs if you never use them?  Instead, EZprofit100 offers you a Product Package that is unique and has Real Value!

EZprofit100 (The Rayburn Group) sells a Product Package that consists of Business Building Tools, Mailing Leads, Resources, Training, plus a Music CD!  These products cannot be found anywhere else, because I hold the copyright to them!



And don't forget the most exciting part of the EZprofit100 Product Package: out of the low "One-Time-Only" $149 payment, we Payout $100 Commissions to members as per our Unique Reverse 2-Up Compensation Plan.  ... and Commissions are PAID WEEKLY!  For complete details on our Compensation Plan, click on the "Details" button at the top of this page.

With our Reverse 2-Up Compensation Plan, you can receive $100 Payouts over and over again!  And these $100 Payouts aren't just generated from your own personal efforts.  You earn $100 commissions from every member you sponsor, except 2 & 4.  But the money doesn't stop there... because each of these members "Pass-Up" to YOU... their 2nd & 4th member... and each of them do the same!  So you can earn $100 Payouts through Infinity!  That's how it's possible for EZprofit100 members to earn $6,400 per Month or More!



Build Your Business with our Postcard & Flyer Fulfillment Center.  Simply purchase our inexpensive postcards already imprinted with your EZprofit100 username or have Flyers printed.  Mail them to a "Good Quality" mailing list.  When the postcard or flyer is returned to the EZprofit100 Fulfillment Center... we send the prospect a complete information pack by Direct Mail tagged with YOUR username.  When they join & order our product package... the new member is placed in your EZprofit100 team... and You Make Money!

Of course, your postcard or flyer will also direct prospects to your very own EZprofit100 marketing website, just like this one!  This allows new members to sign up fast!



Once you sponsor new members... and they too start mailing... there could be THOUSANDS of POSTCARDS and/or FLYERS mailed each and every month in an effort to Build Your Business!  And... Anyone Can Mail Postcards or Flyers!  That's what makes this business building system so Effective!



Important Information!  Network Marketers waste Thousands of Marketing Dollars by purchasing cheap, ineffective mailing lists.  When joining EZprofit100, I'll direct you to several of the Most Responsive Mailing Lists in the Industry!  This Helps You Make Every Marketing Dollar Count!  You can view a sample of the postcard, plus download order forms for Mailing Lists and Postcards by clicking the link above!



NOTE: EZprofit100 does NOT allow the use of "Robo-Hit" Traffic Generating Scams.  Any system that "guarantees" or "promises" Thousands of hits to your website for X-amount of dollars... is a scam that is simply sending "robo-hits" to your site, instead of real people.  These so-called "traffic generating" systems are scams and not allowed.


Art, it is an honor and pleasure working with a professional and honest networker like you!  The turn-key systems you make available to help your organization grow is excellent and I know works!  The MLM company I owned had over 500,000 distributors because of making available to them turn-key systems like you have!  I am glad to be part of history making again!
                                --- Roy Babineaux (Former owner of Cajun Country Candies)



I encourage you to get started with EZprofit100 Now!  But before you do... let me remind you once again of the great Benefits you receive!

You receive $100 Payouts from everyone you personally sponsor, except your 2nd & 4th who are "passed up" to your sponsor.

There is NO LIMIT to the number of people you can personally sponsor!  This means there is NO LIMIT to the number of $100 Payouts you can receive!

Each member you personally sponsor (except 2 & 4) pass-up 2 paying members to you "Horizontal Pay-Line."

Each member on your "Horizontal Pay-Line" passes-up their 2nd & 4th member to YOU, no matter if you sponsored them or they were "given to you" by one of your members.    And each of them do the same through Infinity!

You earn $100 Payouts on every member that is "Passed Up" to YOU through Infinity!

You make money on your own marketing efforts... plus on the marketing efforts of Everyone in Your "Horizontal Pay-Line."

You get your very own EZprofit100 website, just like this one!

Building your business is as simple as referring prospects to your EZprofit100 website! 

All you ever have to do is Mail Postcards or Flyers or drive people to your website through Social Media.  Our home office does everything else!

EZprofit100 appeals to everyone... because you can join for an Extremely Low "One-Time-Only" payment of Only $149.00



Joining EZprofit100 is an
Extremely Simple 2 step process.

1) Test Drive EZprofit100 for a complete 30-Days... Absolutely FREE!  Simply click on the "Register" button at the top of this page, complete the simple form and join as a Free Member.

2) When you're ready to start earning huge $100 Commissions over and over again... simply upgrade to a "Paid Member."  And remember... you can upgrade for the ridiculously low "one-time-only" payment of only $149.   And to make the process as easy as possible, we accept payment by either Credit Card, Debit Card or Money Order. (Only Paid Members are eligible for $100 Commissions.)


Register Today and get this Added Bonus as
part of your FREE Test Drive!
A $19.90 Value... absolutely FREE!


Ever wonder how Network Marketing Professionals consistently earn $10,000 a Month or More... while you struggle to even make a profit?  

I have 2 Special Reports that are a Must Read:

  • Steps to Creating a Postcard Mega-Fortune!
  • Low-Cost Programs: The Unrealized Problem

These 2 Special Reports give you the straight-forward facts why Network Marketing Professionals continually Profit and Prosper every single month.  And the best part is... it shows how YOU can do the very same thing!!!

The information contained in these reports can turn Your Striving Home Business into a Thriving Home Business. 

I could easily sell these reports for $9.95 each all-day long!  But right now, I'll give these 2 informative reports to You... absolutely FREE... simply for taking a more detailed look at EZprofit100

Simply, click on the "Register" button at the top of this page.  Complete the simple form and you'll be registered as a Free EZprofit100 Member.  You can then download these reports in the "members only" area.  Then when you're ready to start Filling Your Pockets with $100 Bills... and receive the other EZprofit100 Benefits, you can easily Upgrade to a Paid Member.  (Only Paid Members are eligible for $100 Commissions)


Note: Be sure to add art@ezprofit100.com to your "safe list."  If you don't receive our Professional Money Making Emails, be sure to check your "junk folder."

When considering a Home Business Opportunity, most people have one simple question... "Is this a Real Opportunity with a Real Person behind the Web Site?"  With EZprofit100, the answer is yes.  My name is Art Rayburn.  I have been involved in Network Marketing for over 30 years.  I am the founder of EZprofit100 and have also been a pastor in various churches throughout Texas and New Mexico.  

If you have questions about EZprofit100, you can contact me by email or phone:    email: art@ezprofit100.com   
Phone: (903) 436-0058
  (Central Time)






Disclaimer:  This is a Home Business Opportunity, not a job.  Any financial numbers or charts listed on the EZprofit100 website are for illustrative purposes only.  They are not intended as a guarantee of income, but to simply illustrate the Income Possibilities.  And the Income Possibilities are Simply Amazing.   EZprofit100 is Only Available in the United States and U.S. Territories.  Void Where Prohibited.



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